One Day Sedona Freedom Flow Leaders Journey



The Freedom Flow Leaders Family Lifestyle ...

This one-day event will activate your potential in creating a freedom lifestyle and deep Soul connection for you and your family loves and helping you create a new wealth and abundance mindset blueprint for you to live your life on your terms!


Imagine your life where …

  • ❤️You get to live your life fully with the vehicle that makes you money on autopilot so you can travel the world more with your family. you get to impact more people and create a life and business where you don't have to be overworking yourself because you have automation in place to carry the load. 

  • ❤️You get to impact more people and create a life and business where you don't have to be overworking yourself because you have automation in place to carry the load. You get to be paid to be YOU and for growing and learning and doing the inner personal and spiritual development so you can enjoy a fulfilling life. 

  • ❤️Where you get to have extra money and time to spend with your family each month so you can enjoy your time with your children playing in nature and doing what you love.

  • ❤️You get to be paid to be YOU and for growing and learning and doing the inner personal and spiritual development so you can enjoy a fulfilling life.

  • ❤️Where you get the community support to be accountable to go for your bigger dreams.
  • ❤️Where you get to choose to do whatever you want to when you want to, and who you want to hang out with.


You can choose to live this way as Freedom Flow Leaders. As your true purpose is to free yourself. Free yourself so you have more time and energy to do all the things you've always wanted to do. Where you are no longer imprisoned by the systems or methods that keep you from being yourself. Where your soul feels lit up and fulfilled living your ultimate dream life.

The Freedom Flow Leaders Family Lifestyle is a brand new approach to activating your wealth potential and transforming your life from within.

True wealth is not just about having money but having the extra money for your family to have adventures, make deep intimate connections with those you love.

True wealth is when you have more and wherein all your own life areas you are rich and free to be yourself. And you have a community that has your back. Who believes in conscious living!

It’s being free so you can also teach and empower others to do the same as living on your own terms.

The Freedom Flow Leaders Family Lifestyle is a holistic experience that helps you do the inner work and strategic steps so you can create both your business and lifestyle on your terms. Plus the vehicle to get you to create the financial and spiritually conscious lifestyle you've always dreamed about. 

Because we understand that FREEDOM and WEALTH and CONSCIOUS LIVING is your birthright!

During the One day Sedona Freedom Flow Leaders Family Lifestyle Journey event we will be sharing with you our unique step by step method that has helped me and my family and many others create successful Multiple six figures online businesses that now allow us to live life completely on our terms. How my husband Edward and I have traveled to 13 different countries in one-year and a half doing gridwork activations (healing the land and people) bringing families and communities together!

How we are able to world school/un-school our 6-year-old son Atreo and still be able to come back to Chiang Mai, Thailand to meet up with his friends and do robotics school, piano school, yoga garden school! And be anywhere we want to be in the world.

We will literally give you access to the success and money mindset tools that we use on a daily basis to align to our dreams with tangible action steps required to create 6 figures, multiple 6 figures, 7 figures and beyond business. Showing you how to create a complete online business aligned to your soul.

PLUS ...

We will be diving deep into the vehicle that we use to create our successful businesses so we have the freedom lifestyle to fund our dreams and the adventures we create from utilizing automation.


Showing you a business that is:

  • ❤️Good for your health

  • ❤️Good for your education

  • ❤️Good for building your wealth

  • ❤️Good for our earth- where we are saving making more plastic.

    The One day Sedona Freedom Flow leaders Family Lifestyle Journey is for you if …

  • 🙌You are ready to live life completely on your terms where you have money, to create time freedom

  • 🙌You are ready to escape the grind of having to trade your time for money …

  • 🙌You are ready for MORE.

  • 🙌You are ready to Live free and activate your highest potential.

  • 🙌You are ready to create wealth where it is predictable and consistent flow and can be reproduced for you and your family.

  • 🙌You believe that freedom and wealth and your soul is aligned and you deserve all the BEST in life and business.

Because, it is time! “Where you live free and creating wealth doesn't need to be hard work."

During this unique 1 day experience, we will teach you the tools so you can harness your inner power to change your circumstances so your life and business are aligned to your soul. And share how to take inspired action with practical steps to living your life fully at every level! 

You will discover and remember WHO you really are and HOW you and your family can have it all. 



The Freedom Flow Leaders Family Lifestyle was created by Leimomi Axea Keliikuli with her husband Edward SM Heilbron who is the techy genius behind the scenes. Together with their son Atreo, they create the trinity that helps other families and communities to take charge of all parts of their lives so they too can create and have the tools they need to thrive!

After many years of trial and error of creating and running multiple different businesses (both online and offline), they have found there are certain things that are needed to help families create their life on their own terms. That is sustainable income and that you can create automation so you only need to work 3 to 5 hours a day!

Are you ready to CHOOSE IT?

Do you feel called to this opportunity to let go of your limiting beliefs and activate your potential so you and your family live stress-free and enjoy your adventures?

If you are committed then We Invite you to come to our live event on April 11, 2020!

As Leimomi will also do an akashic records Wealth and Abundance activation LIVE with all those that attend so you can create abundance! Atreo will create a Massive money grid for us as well to connect to. 


From 10 am to 3 pm!


If you are ready click the LINK to pay and reserve your seat! 

This is meant to be a small Event like a workshop of a maximum of 20 people so we can create the best intimate family experience ever! So by paying you are saving your seat. Once you've paid, you will get an email confirmation that your seat is saved. And await any other details coming closer to the event time. 


Please contact Edward SM Heilbron for any other questions or help. By emailing us. 

If for some reason you can't attend please email back to [email protected]  to let us know you cannot be there on that day. There are no refunds but you can sell your ticket to someone else to take your place. Just email us the name and email of that person. So we can take account and prepare for their arrival. 


Want to know more about us?


This event was created by Leimomi Axea Keliikuli a Multidimensional Healer, Soul Alignment Mindset Coach and Spiritual Teacher and Speaker. We are full-time digital nomad world schooling unschooling family. We live and work wherever we please. We love Chiang Mai Thailand and stay as long as we can!

Leimomi is originally from a small town in Waianae, Hawaii. In her first year in business as a stay at home mom, she went to 6 figures, retired her hubby from his 9 to 5 job in the 1st month in her business. In her 2nd year onto multiple 6 figures and went onto to now travel the world doing gridwork with her family to raise the consciousness of the earth. In her 3rd and 4th year in her businesses, she worked together with her hubby Edward to automate their 3 businesses so they can live their life on their own terms working only 3 to 5 hours per day!

Leimomi helps people start and scale their online businesses to create a freedom lifestyle they have always dreamed of through leverage and automation. 

She founded her BEing Alohi Academy, LeimomiTV, and her Soul alignment blueprints modality and Multidimensional healer certification programs, leading Soul Alignment business and Freedom Flow Leaders movement. To teach leaders, healers, speakers, soul-driven entrepreneurs how to use their superpower and their soul alignment blueprints to manifest whatever they want, working 3 to 5 hours a day with time and money freedom.

Leimomi is known for her attunements, clearings, automation, and the magical things she helps people create by living a fulfilled life.

Leimomi and her husband Edward SM Heilbron work together in the biz helping in the background in her soul alignment biz and also have their second and third businesses in freelance digital marketing and network marketing with an educational platform. Edward worked for big corporations in the Netherlands as a Systems Administrator for over 15 years of experience helping maintain the networks and systems and tech support.

My mission is to create sacred space to live in alignment with planet Earth, to be the embodiment of our divinity, and to act as beacons of love.

"Aligning to your true superpower is the true path to success"

-Leimomi Axea Keliikuli

~ Inspire. Transform. BE Alohi. ~

One Day Sedona Journey

$50.00 USD