Akashic Divine Love Program


This link is to my 5 steps to using the akashic records to have deeply intimate relationship with your partner and kids webinar that explains exactly what I will teach in this program.


 We are kicking off the new program of my AKASHIC DIVINE LOVE PROGRAM! If you been hearing amazing things about the "Soul Alignment blueprints™" and the akashic records you don’t want to miss this!

That's why I'm opening up an elite group to work with me for 8 weeks in my AKASHIC Divine Love program.

You asked for it so I'll be sharing it all!
🥰Learn how to use your akashic records and your light body/spaceship buttons to heighten your intuitive abilities to create orgasmic true love relationship with your partner or potential partner.


😘How to get in alignment to the timeline with your partner or potential partner where your future timelines are prosperous, abundant, peaceful, loving, balanced, and creative.


😘Learn all the practical tools to navigate through the 4 stages of manifesting a True love abundant powerful partnership.


😘Reconnect with your big vision goals and come out with a 3-month biz plan to hit your 6 to 7 figure and relationship goals while having a thriving relationship with your partner.


😘Experience Powerful Activation and Healing and 8 major attunements To align to reawaken your superpower between you or potential partner. Get clear on your why, your vision, and your path together with your partner and family. Also Finding your own marketing strategies that work for your type of soul.


😘Want to learn how to manifest utilizing your Akash, superpower, soul alignment blueprints, to reach yours and your family goals in record time.

😍Want to learn what is the Akashic records and how can it help you create wealth and abundance and freedom for you and your family?

🥰 Want to learn how I cleared my own soul level blocks and build my wealth and freedom to multiple 6 figures while having an intimate relationship with my husband Edward and 7-year-old son Atreo. That led to $80k in sales in a month in my multiple businesses.

🥰Want to learn how to read your own and family's akashic records so you can deal with family dramas, setbacks, managing your family schedules, financial struggles, sickness, mental illness, problems for your family.

🥰Become one with your Higher Self, move into a deeper connection with Source.


🥰 Open up creative channels with source and bring the new work that you are meant to bring out into the world.


🥰Establish faith and belief in yourself and build confidence in communicating well in your relationship with your partner or potential partner.

Soul alignment blueprints are the specific energies of a roadmap of your soul in your Akashic records and beyond. It is what helped me help over 500+ clients get to 6 figures or multiple 6 figures with ease and flow.

Soul Alignment Blueprints has helped me scale my business to work 3 to 4 hours a day have more time freedom and to do what I want when I want to. As well as sell-out my programs every time I feel like launching something even without a sales page. It has allowed me to grow bigger with over 50+ PR opportunities, like Entrepreneur on fire podcast, Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Success Inc magazine, Kharisma magazine, etc. And allowed me to be seen as an industry leader.

Activating my psychic abilities is what has allowed me to clear deep soul level blocks for myself and clients. These blocks seemed to be blocking them from expanding into growing their magical businesses! It's what allowed me to help my clients manifest their soulmate, lose weight, have better relationships with their family, and make 5 to 6 figure launches with ease and flow.

The real magic is when you start to combine these two things together.

Having these two skills are the FOUNDATION of a successful spiritual business. — it will save you so much time, money and energy so you can have a life! Work less and make more!

Last few years I certified amazing entrepreneurs to create soul alignment blueprints, gridwork activations for others and gave multidimensional healer tools. And now I want to teach how to use the akashic records for yourself and others in real life!

Navigate your akashic records so you too can know how to create powerful clearings and activations. And utilizing akashic records to clear money mindsets. That has freed so many people & families!

Something that I believe is not being taught at all in the spiritual healing and coaching industries.

All we see is other people learning someone else's modalities or mastermind coaching programs, that doesn't give you the skills to connect with source so you can create your own life and business aligned to your soul and create your own multidimensional modalities to impact millions.

That's why I'm opening up an elite group to work with me for 8 weeks in the Akashic Divine Love Program.

This is perfect for who:

--->Feel the need to bring out your own sacred work or modality to impacts millions. 💗
--->Can see yourself making money while working 3 to 5 hours a day. 💵
--->Need time to travel and spend time in nature doing what you want to do when you want to. 🏖

It will be an intimate group of coaches, healers, teachers, and leaders who:

1. Desire to activate their psychic abilities in order to take their work to the next level but may not know how to create their own modality or own connection to their akashic records that make you money in your sleep.
2. Already have a business they love but ready to scale.
3. Appreciate abundance in all its forms and want to welcome more pleasurable experiences.
4. Know their impact could be more if they were just in the right place at the right time.
5. The desire to see all possibilities without too much overwhelm.

💵It’s a pretty substantial investment but discounted with bonuses for those who join!

🌊This program is all about your akashic records and giving you the skills to make your money back x times!🗺

I’m only opening the doors to this round of entrepreneurs to heal themselves & families for up to 10 who are ready to say YES now.


Topics we will cover but more will be given in each class : (Designed to heighten your abilities and help your and your family flourish together. But also help you with practical biz tools to integrate with whatever your sacred work is!)

💗 Week 1: Learning & attunement to accessing yours and family's multidimensional akashic records & Light body/space ship. So you can live more Soulfully in your heart. How to move through your own akashic records with ease and utilizing your intentional body to manifesting what you want in record time.

💗 Week 2: Attunement to Finding yours and family superpowers to navigate and deal with family dramas, setbacks, managing your family schedules, financial struggles, sickness, mental illness, problems for your kids and partners as they show up. So you can stay focus on your multiple projects or multiple businesses and overachieve your goals.

💗 Week 3: Attunement to create your own activations for you and family. How to balance your own and family's chakras and multidimensional bodies and stay grounded. How to manifest using your and family's superpower.

💗 Week 4: Attunement to learn how to use the akashic records to clear money mindset issues and family traumas and dream time healing. That keeps you in karmic relationships in this present life, that can be shifted so you don't have to relive those traumas with your family anymore. How to deal with you and family's money mindset and scarcity mindsets.

Learn how I cleared my own soul level blocks and build my wealth and freedom to multiple 6 figures while having an intimate relationship with my husband Edward and 7 year old son Atreo. That led to $80k in sales in a month in my multiple businesses.

💗 Week 5: Attunement to learn how to manifest a new partner or soulmate partnership with your current partner. How to heal a deeply intimate relationship with yourself so your partner can equally show up and support you. How to create a confident orgasmic relationship with your partner in your sexuality and feminity. 

💗 Week 6: Attunement to using the akashic records in your everyday life with family so you can keep yourself in a high vibe state to attract all your and family's desires. How to move through the family traumas so you all can move forward in life and business.

💗 Week 7: Attunement to creating grids for your family. So you know how to manifest what you and your family desire in record time. How to grow each other soul so you aren't pushy and allow them to go through their own spiritual awakenings. 

💗 Week 8: Attunement to being able to communicate better with your partner and kids according to yours and their superpowers and blueprints. So there are fewer arguments and misunderstandings in your relationships. How to work with your partner in each other's businesses or careers so it can flourish.

😍You get: (Value over $5k)

-8 60 to 90 minutes group LIVE calls that explain the bulk of the material you will learn.
-8 massive attunements that will skyrocket your magical business, activate your psychic abilities, and in your true love relationships.
-Private Facebook group
-Access to all the materials on my membership site so you can always go back to it. It's meant to be a library of materials to go back in.
-2 follow up group calls after the 8 weeks to help with practical biz and messaging strategies to help you in your family Dynamics as you hit your goals with your family support.

❤️Regular program: $1997

🏖 VIP: (only for the first 8 people) (Value over $9k)

-Your own Soul alignment blueprints created by me or spiritual money mindset belief clearing and activation (if you have your blueprints already.) And 1 other person soul alignment blueprints like your spouse or your kids blueprints to help you manifest a better intimate relationship with partner or kids.

-or Level 1 5D soul level blocks removed in relationships and money mindset clearing. (If you previously received your blueprints and masterclass will do next level 2 clearings)

-A personalized Money Abundance grid made by Atreo. Our son who is a master grid worker. To manifest whatever you desire.

VIP + Regular Program: $2997


If you'd like to download a PDF of the descriptions for the 5 Levels of Private Clearings for the VIP option above, click HERE.


Here's what some of my clients have to say after the clearings...

“When I first started working with Leimomi, I was in a state of confusion and chaos that was affecting my relationships, business, & health. I began in her 14 day program, then went into her 30 day program & now I am in her 8 week Master Your Gifts Program. I've received all 4 levels of her clearings, which are very powerful. Working with my blueprints, using her meditations to open my heart, & having the clearings has transformed to who I am today. My relationships are thriving, the fatigue I was experiencing is gone & I finally have clarity in my business!”

~ Jen Carder, Holistic Health Coach & Pharmacist

"Leimomi's Blueprints, Shell Clearing, VIP 8 week course, and level 1-4 clearings has made a dramatic difference in my life! I was so surprised to find out that my super power was actually power and not love. Since I've had the clearings and have been in the course, I am naturally able to align to my super power without effort. I'm much calmer, my relationships are better, and I'm receiving so much information from source. I even feel much more energetic since I'm not wasting my time in the wrong super power. I'm looking forward to more clearings and work with Leimomi! I highly recommend any of her courses or clearings. It's truly life altering!"

~ Kerri Harpole

“The results I got from all of Leimomi's Level 1-4 clearings were beyond my own words. Being in the 8 week program and working with her privately has been a life changer. I've been feeling physically more energetic, mentally clear, peaceful, and grounded in my Super Power. My relationships with my loved ones have been immensely improved. Leimomi's work is amazingly powerful and she is able to bring all the essence of me out so I am able to dedicate on my sacred work and serve from my heart with complete soul alignment with my Love Super power. With her loving presence, you know that you can fully trust her guidance. Love you, Leimomi!”

~ Jen Yang, Self-Love Catalyst Coach



Aloha! Are you ready to take soul aligned action? Just select your payment option and click the "Purchase Offer" button at the top right corner of this page and let's get started! 

If you have any questions, send me a message in my FREE Soul Alignment Leaders for Conscious Living Facebook group, or send me an email at [email protected].

I can’t wait to see you skyrocket into your spiritual divine mission in no time!!! 

All my love to you, dear soul,



Here are some of the reasons they are joining:

"Very excited to be on this next part of my journey with such an amazing and talented guide, Leimomi!!! And also looking forward to the connections with other healers taking the journey as well!"


"Thank you Leimomi for the warm welcome and support! I'm feeling excited!!
It feels really good to see me listed here with my qualifications and gifts and I know next level me is emerging!!!! 
Can't wait to see where it leads me!!
Woo hoo!"


"I can’t wait to see what comes from this program with you! I’m SO ready for this. Once again it is a divine manifestation of the highest and I am so looking forward to working with my old and new clients with these new skills. Love xx"


"Nawww thank you Leimomi! I align with your work so much and even though I have so much going on I know this program is what I needed to accumulate all my skills and knowledge to align multi-dimensionally and call in my Modalities, my own personal Soul aligned work that I was created to bring in on an even bigger scale then I have been!

Grateful and excited!"





"After doing Leimomi's multidimensional healer 1 program I experienced Clarity, Vision, and alignment with my Soul Purpose and Activated the energy within me to heal and expand my gifts.  I started utilizing all the healer tools and modalities I learned to create my own healing modality and miracles happened as I stepped into my superpower...My client was able to leave her disempowering relationship, and take back her power which then leads her to make changes in her business after I did an activation.  Another one of my clients was stuck in procrastination in his business and after doing an activation he made $2500 after putting out one post, and his relationship improved as well. My cousin who fell into a coma and was intubated I visualized being in the room with the doctors and nurses and did intensive healing, activation which the next morning she had woken up and was smiling."
Jocelyn Dodunski
Empowerment Coach & Multidimensional Healer (TM)



Due to the fact that the clearings, attunements, and intuitive guidance are life-changing and priceless, there are no refunds. The program itself is designed to teach you how to use your "soul alignment blueprints," even if you don't understand how to use this now or in the coming months or years. It may take a long period of time before you understand more how this soul-aligned manifestation method works.

There are also no guarantees that you will have any specific results or manifestations during the time frame of the program. It's all about doing the work and experimenting that will yield your results. This is a "soul-aligned" journey that will begin as you learn this Akashic Divine Love Program.

When you join, you will also allow Leimomi to collect any testimonials or use your stories of awakening that she deems as necessary use for the betterment of this program or for future help in your manifestations in the program.

All material from Leimomi Keliikuli, Inc. is copyrighted and you shall not have the right to use these in your business offers or personal related endeavors. This material in the program is strictly for your own personal use and spiritual development. They are prohibited from being copied or distributed.

If you have opted for a paid monthly subscription to this program, you are by law in agreement to finish your payments even after the program has finished. If your monthly subscription fails at any time, you will be contacted to make the completion of your payment to update your subscription. If the failed payment is not paid within 10 days of the initial due date, you will be revoked access to the materials immediately and your subscription will be suspended until full payment is made. Your subscription will then be subject to cancellation at Leimomi Keliikuli, Inc.'s discretion and no pro-rated payments will be accepted or refunds given.

By making your payment on this platform, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Thank you!

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