5 Figure PR Marketing Intensive Masterclass

It's time to TAKE YOUR VISIBILITY TO THE NEXT LEVEL but you may be having trouble getting past some mindset beliefs and feeling you're OVERWHELMING yourself in the process.

In the past few years I had over 50+ guest expert media opportunities on Huffington Post, Entrepreneur on Fire podcast, Thrive Global, Kharisma Magazine, Heart & Soul Hustle podcast, etc. That's not including smaller opportunities summits, guest speaking, radio & tv shows, online magazines, and guest blogger experts. To this day I still get asked to speak to other people's audiences.


All these media opportunities have helped me scale my business faster to multiple 6 figures and helping others do the same.

It's no coincidence. It's really following a process I utilize to get good PR and marketing opportunities with my superpower. I will show you this easy process.

I'm going to share how with 1 post I got 130 people that joined my Facebook group in a day. And how I made more than $40k+ by spending 30 minutes to speak on 1 podcast that brought not only money but over 400+ people that subscribed to my list.

No one ever explains to you what happens in each stage of a 5 figure in FLOW launch and how to leverage and get leads from being featured in other people's audiences. It sounds so easy and it can be if you allow Source to guide you through the right process.

So I'm going to share with you all the ways to do this effortlessly and inflow through the process of spiritual mindset marketing, spiritual message marketing, and soul alignment.

So you don't need to go through the pain of failure and losing confidence in yourself hoping people will find you. Instead of bringing in high paying clients and SELLING OUT your OFFERS IN 2 DAYS OR 5 DAYS.


5 figure PR MARKETING intensive Masterclass Series will be (2x 60-to 90-minute module training. During this time of the year its time to launch and execute the long-expired wishes you have been waiting to bring out into the world through spiritual awakening and alignment!

I would love to have you join me!

***Now is the time to step forward into your Leader mindset making 5 figures in 2 days in your program launches.


During this very special high-level intensive Series you will:

***Eliminate your visibility beliefs and illusions stopping your abundance of flow Integrate and get bigger media opportunities to receive more. Illuminate the spirituality of PR marketing so your sacred program launches hit your 5 to 6 figure goals.

***Experience Powerful Activation and Healing To align to reawaken your superpower and get clear on your why, your path, and finding your own PR marketing and strategies that work for your type of soul.

***Awaken your unique voice and messaging so you can convert and SELL OUT YOUR OFFERS that are aligned with your soul.

***Become one with your Higher Self, move into a deeper connection with Source!!!

***Open up creative channels and bring the new sacred work that you are meant to bring out into the world.

***Establish faith and belief in yourself so you can stop hiding and get high paying clients that don't convert as you would like it to.

*** Everyone will have a chance to share with me their problems and I will find what exact visibility, money mindsets, strategies, and alignments to solve that problem for you.

I will coach you through the steps to get to the point of not being on phone calls all day delivering but to save you and your clients TIME. But still giving the massive transformations you are promising.

***I will answer all your questions from "How do I shift these visibility beliefs" To "I don't know what I'm doing wrong in getting media opportunities as I did all the right steps?"

I'm here to help you hit your goals with ease!!!


5 figure PR MARKETING Intensive Masterclass Series is 2x 60-90 minute training. During this time of the year its time to launch and execute the long-expired wishes you have been waiting to bring out into the world through spiritual awakening and alignment!


Come join me!


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“I loved working with Leimomi. I gained clarity in an empowering way that allowed me to move forward from my strengths. She is such a kind and intuitive healer.”

Cassie Premo, Author & Poet

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I can’t wait to see you skyrocket into your spiritual divine mission in no time!!! 

All my love to you, dear soul,





Due to the fact that the clearings, attunements, and intuitive guidance are life-changing and priceless, there are no refunds. The program itself is designed to teach you how to use your "soul alignment blueprints," even if you don't understand how to use this now or in the coming months or years. It may take a long period of time before you understand more how this soul-aligned manifestation method works.

There are also no guarantees that you will have any specific results or manifestations during the time frame of the program. It's all about doing the work and experimenting that will yield your results. This is a "soul-aligned" journey that will begin as you learn in these masterclasses

When you join, you will also allow Leimomi to collect any testimonials or use your stories of awakening that she deems as necessary use for the betterment of this program or for future help in your manifestations in the program.

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5 Figure PR Marketing Intensive Masterclass

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