Opening Heart Compassionate Connection Clearing

Something I never thought would be an issue. Was an issue. 😬
🤩So last week one of my clients and actually a few others came to me with an interesting problem. And I never thought I'd need to do a "shell soul purpose block activation clearing" again. Once I already did one for someone. As once it's done it's done it doesn't need to be done again.
😬They came to me with the same kind of symptoms. Feeling numb. Lost trust in self. A fog over their head. Would go out in nature, 4 to 5 hours a day in nature do all the things to get in alignment, but still would feel disconnected when they got home. Empty. Sad. Feeling like your heart literally died.
😬Crazy thoughts and emotions plaguing them. The energetic noise getting bigger. Feeling more distracted. Can't calm or ground oneself even after meditation or things that really would make them feel more love, peace, and inner joy.
😍Feelings of wanting to hide. Like a shell around them, not being able to express themselves fully, and can't live one's full potential even though they have an awesome life. Considering all they have worked for feels like working harder.
🤯My shell clearing instantly removes all of that in an instant as I clear the shell. Which is usually created when you're a baby in a hospital or near someone that died. And those thought emotions and things plague you from that spirit and you have no idea why or where it's coming from. Many people have had this kind of symptom for years not knowing where to go to for help in this.
😘Well, one of my clients had these symptoms again and she trusted that she needed to come to me for help in it. I'm glad she followed her instinct as to when I did look in her Akashic records. I found this was formed again from her family member passing recently and she picked the shell up from this.
🤯But this time it was different. There were these compassionate connections (like cords) twisted all over in her heart chakra. When I saw her heart it literally died. No light in it. No connection to the source at all. All entwined with plaguing memories thought emotions that weren't hers.
😬The fog is a classic symptom of disconnection to source and literally connected to something heavy, negative, and negative consciousness fields that really is disempowering in the waking hours and especially in one's sleep.
😇So that brought me to use my mediumship skills to remove the past loved one send the spirit back to the source. Remove the resistance. Remove the cords. Basically doing psychic surgery to remove the shattered dead heart. Sparking the heart again to connect back to the source.
🤯And in some cases, these compassionate connections were not from just people who died. But who was still living and the thoughts emotions and memories were corded so tight around the person's heart that they literally "died. "
😘As I did this kind of customized healing, clearing, it became apparent to me a lot of people are walking around like this. Especially if there are painful deaths in one's family. Or sudden shocks from life events happening. The heart is literally shattered.
😍I never thought this was possible. It was like seeing a gunshot wound in the front and back of the heart and all these cords wrapped around it so tight. No wonder people literally shut their hearts down and throw away the key.
🤩Once I channeled the right words and put the person in like a dimensional healing portal to heal. I see the person's heart shining again brightly! Removing the shell as well.
😍What a relief to see and encounter such an amazing thing I can do for my clients.
🤯I realized that this is how I learn how to serve better is by doing such things like this on my clients. This is more than just a shell clearing. It's Multidimensional healing I'm doing that is beyond words.
🤩So I thought I'll call this new one a heart-opening compassionate connection clearing. As I move thru the dimensions and the physical level. The most important piece is giving back the person's power and reconnection to the source. It's what I love doing. See how their relationship to self and others is brought back into Wholeness.



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In early July, I reached out to Leimomi because I felt like I was in a deep fog. I felt like I was just “going through the motions” despite having manifested a really beautiful lifestyle. The only time I felt vibrant and alive was when I was out in nature, so I made it a point to go outside each day for 3-5 hours. Those moments in nature were great, but as soon as I returned home, the fog came back. It wasn’t even a sadness really; I just felt like I wasn’t alive - hollow and empty. Being someone who is typically deeply in tune with myself, I was particularly frustrated that I couldn’t pinpoint what was going on.


One day after meditating in nature, I heard very clearly to “contact Leimomi.” When I reached out to Leimomi, I intuitively felt that I should ask her to remove my shell again (I had had it removed several years ago). Initially, she stated that typically, we only need to remove the shell one time. She asked me some additional questions to clarify what I needed help with but I honestly couldn’t even answer them. All I knew is I wasn’t feeling like myself…I was empty on the inside, numb, truly unable to feel much at all unless I was in nature.


So she agreed to remove the shell again. During the process, I was in touch with her. She told me she saw a family member that had passed away a few months ago and that I had a compassionate connection with them. This connection as well as tons of thought forms that were not my own became cords that had wrapped themselves around my heart - squeezing it so tightly that I had spiritually died and become completely disconnected from Source.


What blew me away about this is while I was initially deeply saddened by the transition of this particular family member, I had no idea it still had anything to do with how I was currently feeling. But as soon as she brought it up, I began sobbing. Uncontrollable sobbing. All of the grief and pain flooded up. I allowed myself to feel it all without any judgment.


She told me she was cutting the cords - doing what I would call a multidimensional heart surgery. As she did this, I began to feel lighter and lighter; at first it was subtle but then I felt a huge wave of relief. She then told me she was jumpstarting my heart (as it had spiritually died) and I immediately felt a burst of joy and then unconditional love. A pure love washed over me and bubbled up from within me. My tears shifted from grief and pain to love and appreciation. I feel like myself again! My partner could see the instant visual changes in me so much so that he got the same thing done the next day.


Over the course of the next week after having this “multidimensional heart surgery”, I had so many amazing synchronicities, flooded with inspiration and business opportunities, and more successes with my clients. My clients were doing well before but after this, their results catapulted! I also feel again. I feel so much love, joy, and appreciation. I’m often brought to happy tears each day (which is how I was before) due to so much gratitude and love. The world also looks brighter, not just in nature, but at home too. It’s like seeing through a new lens.


Thank you Leimomi for bringing me back to myself! Words cannot even express how eternally grateful I am for you!


**I wanted to write this long testimonial because if you’re feeling what I was feeling, it’s so hard to put into words what you’re experiencing and even harder to know why you feel that way and what to do about it. If you’re not feeling like yourself, or you’re feeling an unexplained lack of fulfillment/emptiness, I highly recommend reaching out to Leimomi to do this for you! It is truly a priceless Divine gift!






I reached out to Leimomi due to having felt like there was a block within myself … something I needed to release and bring back into harmony. It was an energy that I was having trouble moving beyond … After having a session with Leimomi not only was the block gone, but I felt a greater sense of knowing who I was … my connection to the source is now more firmly rooted.  I feel more confident.  I trust myself, love myself and, am more at peace.





Due to the fact that the clearings, attunements, and intuitive guidance are life-changing and priceless, there are no refunds. This done for you service is meant to clear multidimensional problems to help you live your best life even if you don't understand how this will manifest, it will have opened you and it may become apparent to you now or in the coming months or years. 

There is also no guarantee that you will have any particular results or manifestations during a specific time frame. It's all about doing the work and experimenting that will yield your results. Your higher self knows what's best for you! This is a "soul-aligned" journey that will begin as you clear your Akashic Records of unwanted memories and expand your highest psychic gifts system™.

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