Financial Goals & Visions Clearing™

This is a clearing to help the energetic alignment of your financial goals and visions to come into fruition within 30 days. It will also remove any negative contributors that are misaligning you from being able to create the money you desire. All things that were not aligned to you will start to fall away, so you can focus on acheiving your specific financial goal.

This clearing also removes the ego sabotage and chaos that occurs when you try to focus on your financial goals, as it actually unblocks your worry and frustrations with not acheiving them. It will powerfully align your soul to your money and big vision goals, and clear out misaligned people, places and things that sabotage you from expanding. Leimomi will setup your business entity to fulfill your intentions for what you wish for in your life and business to become abundant.

You will need to provide Leimomi with your 30 day intention for this clearing, along with permission to access your Akashic Records. This clearing can be done multiple times as you wish and achieve your Financial goals and visions. It does not require a phone call with Leimomi.

This clearing specifically removes money and relationship blocks instantly!

Financial Goals & Visions Clearing™

$497.00 USD