Sedona Mastermind 5 Day Biz Retreat


*** 5-day Sedona Mastermind and SPIRITUAL BIZ RETREAT ***

I am EXCITED to announce I'm opening the doors to our SEDONA MASTERMIND SPIRITUAL BIZ RETREAT of 2020! My husband and I are partnering together to create the best experience ever!

For the past few years, My clients and audience have been asking me to create retreats. As my family and I live anywhere in the world as a full-time digital nomads. But, it wasn't the right timing as Source needed to show me through my spiritual initiations of all the pieces of sacred sites, gridwork activations, and the portal gateways all over the world. We've activated grids in 24 different countries!


I've helped over 500+ people with giving their soul alignment blueprints and teaching how to utilize it in their everyday life. To create a business that is totally aligned with their soul's design. 


And many of them have gone on to be industry leaders in whatever field they are in. Made 5 figures and 6 figure launches. To manifesting PR and JV opportunities such as Forbes, mind-body green, podcasts, TV shows, etc. 




*Soul alignment blueprints is a specific set of energetic qualities of the soul that when you align with it through soul-aligned action you are able to manifest with ease and flow.

It's a proven system I have taught in my Mastering your soul's gifts program over and over last YEAR. Called the BEing Alohi Method.


Now I'm ready to take healers, teachers, leaders to the next levels helping to activate their intuitive abilities and utilizing their soul alignment blueprints to create multiple 6 figure businesses and healing families to thrive. 


Through the healings, activations, attunements, and understanding how your gifts work you can rest assured that everyone you touch will be forever grateful you showed them the way.


The retreat will be held in Sedona Arizona, dates to be determined. Contact Leimomi for Updates.




Your investment is $2997!


*This will be a 5-day retreat in Sedona where we will have a pre and post group calls for those in the retreat

*5 days of a virtual retreat you will have immediate access to after your payment. That will prepare you before the in-person retreat. 

*5 amazing days together in beautiful sacred Sedona vortex places.

*Which will include LIVE attunements, healings, grid work activations, learning how to utilize your soul alignment blueprints, teaching how to co-create and manifest to use the Akash for your business and lifestyle.

*The retreat doesn't include room and board and this does not include the cost of airfare or other travel expenses. This will be an experience of traveling to multiple locations to the Sedona vortex sites. I will take you where no one takes you. Where I have done gridwork/healing on the land and people. Places where source showed me to give you live attunements.

Your psychic abilities will expand, your life and business will never for the same!


Sedona Mastermind Spiritual Biz Retreat is a 5-day Intensive spiritual biz and manifestation retreat that will work through a deep spiritual awakening, initiations, healing, activating, and expanding in all areas of our life and business.

We will travel to exotic vortex sacred healing locations of places where the 4 major gateways and vortexes are opened from the gridwork activations I am responsible to manage.


In this magical experience you will:

🏖 Learn how to consciously manifest with co-creation with source and move through more time freedom, travel, and abundant lifestyle and business.

🏖 Experience profound spiritual initiations with the Councils and Ancestors of the land. To reconnect with your inherited gifts that are coming through you right now.

🏖 Learn grounding and transformative multidimensional tools to embody more of your soul's desires and creations.

🏖 Bringing in the New You of prosperity, flow, and abundant opportunities. Activating your superpower and intuitive abilities.

🏖 Receive 5 new attunements to connect, amplify your Love, and connect to your highest potential to work 3-5 hours a day with multiple 6 figure success. You will also learn about your space ship /Light body which I will activate and help you to learn how to use it in real life and business. 

🏖 Deepen your relationship with your intimate partner with attunements to welcome in new love or a deeper connection to yourself, friends, and family. To create amazing healing families.

🏖 Release blocks and limiting beliefs for you to become more multidimensional in nature and naturally radiant health, love, and connection

This retreat will be the combined energy of me and my husband Edward. Of our healing abilities, wisdom, experience with not just 1 person but 2.


Our son Atreo, is also a master grid worker although he is only 7 years old. Will also share as well in the retreat. 

Although my husband is not very talkative, he is brilliant on all systems and techy things. He is also very intuitive and connected spiritually to his divine feminine and masculine.


Your investment for this experience is $2997.

 VIP is $3997.


This is perfect for who:

--->Feel the need to bring out your own sacred work or modality to impact millions. Building your team and who wants to have it all. 💗

--->Can see yourself making money while working 3 to 5 hours a day through Automations. 💵

--->Need time to travel and spend time in nature doing what you want to do when you want to. 🏖


It will be an intimate group of coaches, healers, teachers, and leaders who:


1. The desire to activate their psychic abilities in order to take their work to the next level but may not know how to create your own modality that makes you money in your sleep.

2. Already have a business they love but ready to scale.
3. Appreciate abundance in all its forms and want to welcome more pleasurable experiences.
4. Know their impact could be more if they were just in the right place at the right time. 
5. The desire to see all possibilities without too much overwhelm.

💵It’s a pretty substantial investment but discounted with bonuses for those who join early.


🌊This retreat is all about you creating embodying more as a Leader, connecting with other soul families, and creating, healing families, to having it all, and giving you the skills to take your leadership to the next level!🗺


Here is what we will be doing each day:


💗 Day 1:

-Set new intentions for your new level of life and business with an Akash Sacred intention ceremony. Meetup at 7 pm.

-Receive LIVE Attunement to your manifestations and transformational goals and visions

  -Connect with your soul family and honor the beauty of your soul's desires.


💗Day 2:

-Visit Bell Rock where Sedona Gateway Grid is receiving your vision and Balanced energies.

-Receive Live Attunement to "Initiation with the Council and rainbow light & Diamond codes" from the Sedona Gateway grid.


💗 Day 3:

-Visit Cathedral Rock Gateway Grid, where the feminine energy resides.

-Receive live attunement and healing from the Sedona grid in Cathedral Rock where we will unlock your feminine nature.

-Be a part of my 1 day Sedona Journey from 10 am to 3 pm event. Where I'll share the beauty of Automations so you can work less and make more. And have better health and water to purify your body, mind, and spirit.

You can also bring any other family members or people just for 1 day and meet them there for $50 per person.

-You can read more details for the One Day, Sedona Journey, by going to this link:


💗 Day 4:

-Visit Boytonan Canyon Gateway Grid where we will hike through the forests and uncover our vision into action.

-Receive live attunement and healing from the Boytonan Canyon Gateway grid where the hidden portals and UFO sightings are. Where you will receive more feminine and masculine balanced energies. 

-We will mastermind and come together to help you create strategies you will implement aligned to your soul. 


💗 Day 5: 

-Visit Airport Gateway Grid, where we will announce your new vision as a pure light leader and healing family.

-Special 3-month planning and training session. 

-Receive live attunement and healing from the Sedona Gateway grid where the center god of Peace is located.

-Finalizing at 5 pm with a closing Akash ceremony.


*Each day we will go deeper into your space ship/light body and receive attunement and clarity on your purpose and greater vision for yourself and family. 


Your investment is $2997.


VIP price $3997.


If you'd like to download a PDF of the descriptions for the 5 Levels of Private Clearings for the VIP option above, click HERE.


Here's what some of my clients have to say after the clearings...

“When I first started working with Leimomi, I was in a state of confusion and chaos that was affecting my relationships, business, & health. I began in her 14 day program, then went into her 30 day program & now I am in her 8 week Master Your Gifts Program. I've received all 4 levels of her clearings, which are very powerful. Working with my blueprints, using her meditations to open my heart, & having the clearings has transformed to who I am today. My relationships are thriving, the fatigue I was experiencing is gone & I finally have clarity in my business!”

~ Jen Carder, Holistic Health Coach & Pharmacist

"Leimomi's Blueprints, Shell Clearing, VIP 8 week course, and level 1-4 clearings has made a dramatic difference in my life! I was so surprised to find out that my super power was actually power and not love. Since I've had the clearings and have been in the course, I am naturally able to align to my super power without effort. I'm much calmer, my relationships are better, and I'm receiving so much information from source. I even feel much more energetic since I'm not wasting my time in the wrong super power. I'm looking forward to more clearings and work with Leimomi! I highly recommend any of her courses or clearings. It's truly life altering!"

~ Kerri Harpole



 Can't wait to see who will come and reunite with their Soul family in Sedona!



I have made a 5-day Virtual retreat which you get access to as soon as the payment is received. In this training I discuss the following topics:

Day 1: What are your Dreams? 

Day 2: Your light body / Spaceship, Where have you been consciously living?

Day 3: How do you use your superpower & blueprints to navigate to your paradise timeline?

Day 4: How to heal others & yourself using your space ship to navigate to your paradise timeline?

Day 5 How to take the steps needing to walk truly into the new paradise timeline


Go through this training so you will be able to easy to follow along once you get to Sedona!


Aloha! Are you ready to take soul aligned action? Just select your payment option and click the "Purchase Offer" button at the top right corner of this page and let's get started! 

If you have any questions, send me a message in my FREE Soul Alignment Leaders for Conscious Living Facebook group, or send me an email at [email protected].

I can’t wait to see you skyrocket into your spiritual divine mission in no time!!! 

All my love to you, dear soul,




I attended Leimomy 5 day mastermind Sedona Spiritual Biz Retreat. The plan was for us to meet in person. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, we ended up attending the first part of our retreat online with the plan to meet in Sedona at a later date. I had an idea what to expect; however, Leimomi delivery process was nothing but amazing. I felt a shift even after the first day. I know this is only the beginning of my transformation; there are more to come. I could feel fear walking away and courage setting in. I have all the tools to create my paradise timeline. I feel so supported and encouraged, and I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Leimomy. My Deepest Gratitude Leimomy

Gracienne from North Carolina


I really enjoyed the virtual Spiritual and Business Retreat that I just experienced hosted by @Leimomi Axea Keliikuli  This was supposed to have been held in Sedona, AZ but due to a pandemic, we held it virtually and will meet for the actual retreat when traveling is safe again.  Some of the things I learned was what action steps are needed to become a Global Leader in our new reality.  What priorities to focus on and respecting the stages to fulfillment.  Consciously co-creating with others.  Creating freedom and my Paradise timeline.  Activating my space ship(Haha!), learning how and why to tone it and what all the buttons mean.  Stepping into and embracing Multidimensional Healing!   Worked with our Halos.  Learned how important it is to remove resistance and recall our power back.  Learned how big our Light is!  Learned to overcome our biggest fears and make them our Bitch by creating from them!  What it feels like not to be in alignment.  What mindsets need to shift for healing.  Boundaries.  Heart codes, toroidal field, and how important water is!  Getting in and staying in "alignment" with your Super Power.  Getting clear on my vision, priorities, and dreams.  Using discernment moving forward and how much inner work becoming a Global Leader entails living my Best Life.  And so much more!!!  We got activations, did meditations and it was so much more than I ever expected.  Thank you Leimomi for your energy, love, guidance, and generosity.

 Joaney from Missouri


Once I released my fear of money and worthiness I was able to shift my scarcity and lack of money to one of abundance and self-love which helped me realize this Sedona retreat is a gift to myself that is truly priceless, this Retreat helped me piece together all the information I had gathered all those years. It showed me how to truly release, tap into my superpower, and navigate my spiritual spaceship and ascension. 

The knowledge that was shared in our virtual Sedona Retreat helped me gain clarity to disempowered situations that I had no idea were still hidden or tucked away, this retreat was another initiation to help push me into the higher version of myself that I needed to fully embrace and embody. 

The community of like-minded women in this collective has truly been amazing, supportive, and priceless.  I am truly thankful I said Yes to learning what my soul's purpose is, by tapping into the trauma it has helped me create freedom and abundance in ways I couldn’t even imagine. As soon as this global pandemic clears up I can’t wait to hug every single beautiful soul that joined the Sedona retreat. I am truly grateful that Leimomi was able to offer a 2 part series to this retreat since we were not able to fly into Arizona yet. I am thankful that we were still able to experience this knowledge and class virtually!

Take control of your own destiny! Stop procrastinating and just say yes. You deserve it!

Love Jessica from Hawaii


"In a nutshell “Sedona is a place I’ve wanted to visit for ages. When I saw Leimomi offer a retreat that included activating my superpower and visiting the vortexes, I knew it was a sign. 
Before joining I felt unclear and uncertain about “what” I should be doing and after I realized the answers were always within me. Leimomi provided a container and space for me to feel, explore, and tools to listen to the source inside me.”
-Isabel from Canada ♥️💋


Earlier this month I participated in the 5 Day Virtual Sedona Spiritual Biz Retreat hosted by Leimomi Axea Keliikuli.  From the first day to the last day, I was captivated, moved, excited, challenged, and inspired.  
I have been on my own journey of self-discovery and healing for many years…going from one modality or self-help book or program to another.  I learned with each step along the way, but the journey was slow, and I was still searching.  Within the last year, I was starting to really create dramatic shifts and through that work, I created the possibility of growing even more and really looking at how I wanted to be a contribution to others through what I have learned on my journey so far when a friend mentioned this retreat.  I had no idea that it was exactly what I was looking for!
From the first exercise on day one, Leimomi held a space of possibility for us to share and get clarity on our dreams. She guided us with practical steps to take towards turning that dream into reality.   
She introduced us to our spaceship/light body, which may seem like a weird concept until you’ve taken her courses.  But it quickly proved to be another fascinating tool to unlock more of our capabilities to help facilitate healing for ourselves and others….capabilities I’ve always known I had but didn’t quite know how to tap into.  In addition, we learned about the mindsets that we needed to shift in order to heal. 
We were invited to reflect on where we have been consciously living so that we could create and manifest the life that we were meant to live.  We also learned about the concept of our superpower and our soul alignment blueprints and how we could use those to really guide how we approach doing the work we are meant to do in our lives and building our healing business.  I could see how on point those were in helping me to understand how I had been approaching things and how to shift what I was doing to have more effective results with ease.   
By the end of the retreat, I was left empowered with a deeper understanding of myself, a closer connection to my soul and my knowing, and practical steps and tools to move with velocity towards the life I am creating.  
This has TRULY been a magical, exciting, enlightening, and amazing experience! I am still processing and learning to use what I’ve learned.  
And even so, the shifts that took place in just those 5 days were PROFOUND!  I look forward to diving deeper into the work that Leimomi taught us and seeing what else is possible that I didn’t even know was possible!! 
Thank you, Leimomi, for holding the space for us to come together, create together, and step into something bigger than ourselves!
-Roberta from California



Due to the fact that the clearings, attunements, and intuitive guidance are life-changing and priceless, there are no refunds. The program itself is designed to teach you how to use your "soul alignment blueprints," even if you don't understand how to use this now or in the coming months or years. It may take a long period of time before you understand more how this soul-aligned manifestation method works.

There are also no guarantees that you will have any specific results or manifestations during the time frame of the program. It's all about doing the work and experimenting that will yield your results. This is a "soul-aligned" journey that will begin as you learn this Program.

When you join, you will also allow Leimomi to collect any testimonials or use your stories of awakening that she deems as necessary use for the betterment of this program or for future help in your manifestations in the program.

All material from Leimomi Keliikuli, Inc. is copyrighted and you shall not have the right to use these in your business offers or personal related endeavors. This material in the program is strictly for your own personal use and spiritual development. They are prohibited from being copied or distributed.

If you have opted for a paid monthly subscription to this program, you are by law in agreement to finish your payments even after the program has finished. If your monthly subscription fails at any time, you will be contacted to make the completion of your payment to update your subscription. If the failed payment is not paid within 10 days of the initial due date, you will be revoked access to the materials immediately and your subscription will be suspended until full payment is made. Your subscription will then be subject to cancellation at Leimomi Keliikuli, Inc.'s discretion and no pro-rated payments will be accepted or refunds given.

By making your payment on this platform, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Thank you!

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